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True-Tension Stringing Machine String Clamps:
These True-Tension String Clamps were designed by John Balaban for the True-Tension Stringing Machine. The jaws are precision machined from solid aluminum and will normally last the lifetime of the machine if kept properly cleaned and adjusted.

If you are having a Main String Slippage Problem at high string tensions first try cleaning and adjusting the clamps that you are using. If you are still having a string slippage problem the Main String No-Finger Solid String Clamp with almost double the string gripping area without damaging the string and should eliminate any string slippage if properly cleaned and adjusted.

Older Clamps can be modified to prevent slippage while using the newer 17 and 18 gauge strings.

Note: The price pf each String Clamp listed below will be increasing very soon. 


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