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The drawing shows the racquet supports of the True-Tension Stringing Machine in the standard position. Standard size and most mid-size racquets can be mounted for stringing with the racquet support 1/4-20x3/4" Hex Head Bolts in this position.

The solid black dots show the position of the threaded holes in the Main Support Plate for clarity.

To mount over-size racquets, remove the inside Hex Head Bolt of the top and side supports and place it in the outer hole.

The racquet support Hex Head Bolts can be re-positioned using a 7/16" Socket Wrench to accept any size racquet. Only two of the four Hex Head Bolts on the throat support should be used for any racquet.

When the racquet is designed so that it covers the Hex Head Bolts #3 and #4 then the Hex Head Bolts #1 and #2 should be used but if the Hex Head Bolts #1 and #2 are covered then you should use the Hex Head Bolts #3 and #4 to hold the throat support in position.

It is very important that the Hex Head Bolts on all racquet supports are tight enough so the supports will not slip when the high forces are applied to them during the stringing process.

Always use two Hex Head Bolts on each support when the racquet bow size permits it.

Put a drop of oil on the threads of the Hex Head Bolts periodically to prevent abrasions of the threads that can damage the heli-coils in the main support plate.

NOTE: Your Main Support Plate can be modified to allow 2 additional Side Supports to be installed at the 4:30 and 7:30 positions for a total of 6 Supports if desired. Email me for further information.









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