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Move to New Mexico

I moved to a property that I purchased high in the secluded wilderness of the Alpine High Country of the Rocky Mountains of North Central New Mexico right up near Colorado at the 8,000' level with my house nestled in amongst the Ponderosa Pine plus a fully insulated and heated Morton Shop Building in amongst my grove of Aspen trees. Iíve waited a long time to leave California.

It's a beautiful relaxed secluded wilderness setting on a country road with no close neighbors!  Elk and deer graze in my meadow. The closest traffic light is an hour and a half drive away! Shipping is not a problem as both UPS and FedEx deliver to my house and a USPS Post Office with Priority Mail Shipping is only 12 miles away.

Moving my machinery from Northern California to my new property in New Mexicomturned out to be a full time move with eighteen 2,500 mile round trips from 2006 present day pulling a heavy equipment trailer loaded with my Mills, Lathes, etc. Some of the machinery weighs up to 2,600 pounds each.

If you need servicing of your True-Tension Stringing Machine, String Clamps, spare parts, technical assistance or whatever email or call me. The best time to call is early morning or in the evening.

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