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String Clamp Cam Rollers: (Lubricate every 3 to 6 months with Grease dependent upon usage)


Lubricate the String Clamps by removing the String Clamp Cam Pin Retaining Set Screws (Item #10) from the upper and lower Jaws). Partially fill the Set Screw hole with a quality grease, then tighten the screw slightly enough to force the grease into the cam roller area. After tightening, loosen the setscrew 1/2 turn. Wipe all grease from the area around the Pin Retaining Set Screws area and the overage that is forced out on each side of the Cam Assembly.

Any quality Multi-purpose Water Repellent Grease such as Lubriplate White Lithium Grease 130-AA in 1-3/4 Ounce size tubes that are available in most hardware stores will be fine.

Note: Do not use any oil on the String Clamps as it will eventually get on the string contact surfaces.

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