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Hanneke Maria Hops

Hanneke passed away February 21, 2004 at the young age of 56 years after a 49-day battle with inoperable cancer that had metastasized to her liver. 


Who was Hanneke Hops?
Hanneke Maria Hops, aka: Hanneke Maria Schenkhuizen, with her then husband Mike Schenkhuizen, were both devoted tennis players and co-owners of a large very successful San Francisco Bay Area Machine Shop. They manufactured components for the True-Tension Stringing Machines since its conception in the late 1970s for John Balaban, the designer of the original True-Tension Stringing Machine. In 1981 Mike and Hanneke joined forces with John Balaban and incorporated as Tennis Associates Inc. 

In 1988, after 23 years of marriage, Hanneke and Mike parted ways and Hanneke took over control of Tennis Associates working with John Balaban by which time the True-Tension Stringing Machines were being sold around the world. In 1989 John Balaban resigned from Tennis Associates. In 1992 Hanneke Schenkhuizen became Hanneke Hops until 1994 when her then new husband died and Tennis Associates and the manufacture the True-Tension Stringing Machine came to a standstill with no support for the owners worldwide.

Three years later in 1997, I, Jim Larsen, helped Hanneke resurrect the True-Tension Stringing Machine by bringing back into limited production this proven design to satisfy the growing demand of stringing professionals worldwide providing new machines, spare parts, and maintenance support for existing machines.

Mike Schenkhuizen has always been available as a friend and consultant regarding the manufacture of the True-Tension Stringing Machine and to this day continues to play tennis and string racquets for his own enjoyment. Mike still has the same large very successful machine shop where True-Tension was born.

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