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Procedure for Adjusting True-Tension Stringing Machine Clamps:  (Updated 09/04/07)

1. Have a True-Tension Stringing Machine available to pull string tension using the TTSM String Clamp to be adjusted.

2. Clean the inside surfaces of the Clamp fingers that touch the strings to remove all oils, grease, graphite, and wax buildup using Acetone.

CAUTION: Acetone and Acetone Vapors are extremely flammable and explosive!  Do not use Acetone without adequate ventilation, in a room with or near an open flame or utility using a pilot flame, in a room with or near running electric motors, or any other source of ignition, without eye protection, or without approved protective gloves! Do not breathe the Acetone vapors!  Follow all instructions, warnings, and cautions on the Acetone container.

NOTE: Click here to read of the safety hazards of Acetone and how it can affect your health and well being.

If the buildup of wax on the fingers of the clamp is overly heavy you might have to disassemble the clamp and use a light abrasive non-metallic scouring pad such as Scotch-Brite, a stainless steel brush, or a strong bristle brush to cut the wax. Check that the Clamp is properly assembled and lubricated before adjusting the Clamp. Do not allow any cleaning fluids to enter lubricated areas.

3. Put the Clamp on a TTSM Glide Bar with the clamp handle on the opposite side away from you with the jaws facing up for the easiest closing at high tensions.

4. Rotate the clamp so you can see the two set screws (#6) on the bottom of the Clamp. Set these screws using a 3/32" Allen Wrench so that when you slide the open Clamp back and forth on the Glide Bar it does not hang up and glides smooth.

5. Set the Cam Handle Stop Screw (#4) adjustment by loosening the Cam Handle Stop Screw Hex Nut (#5) using a 3/8" Open End or Box Wrench. Then use a 3/32" Allen Wrench and adjust the Cam Handle Stop Screw (#4) so that the Cam Handle (#2) sets just a little closer than parallel to the Clamp itself (over-center) and then re-tighten the Cam Handle Stop Screw Locking Nut (5). Do not over tighten this nut!

6. Close the Clamp using the Cam Handle (#2) and then tighten the Cam Assembly Set Screw (#3) on the back of the Cam Handle using a 1/8" Allen Wrench until the two sides of the Clamp just touch at the clamp fingers.

7. Thread a piece of tennis string of the gauge you normally use from the Clamp being adjusted to the Tensioning Assembly.

8. Set the stringing tension to at least 10 to 15 pounds higher than the highest tension you normally string with and pull that tension on the string held by the Clamp you are adjusting. Set the Cam Assembly Set Screw (ID #3) using a 1/8" Allen Wrench so that the string does not slip through the fingers of the Clamp.  The clamps should not damage the strings if adjusted properly but slippage, no matter how slight, will damage the strings.

NOTE: A solid "NO FINGER" TTSM String Clamp is available for pulling the main stings. This precision machined "NO FINGER" TTSM String Starting Clamp gives you almost twice the gripping surface area without damaging the strings and is used by most professional stringers for the main strings. Two "NO FINGER" TTSM String Clamps are normally used for the main strings. A picture of this clamp can be seen in the Products page. This "NO FINGER" TTSM String Clamp, when properly cleaned and adjusted, should hold a 17 gauge main string at 65 pounds without slipping or damaging the string. 

NOTE: There are some TTSM "NO FINGER" TTSM String Clamps being used that were originally manufactured for the older thicker strings of yesteryear that no matter how you adjust them string slippage can occur at high tensions with the very slippery thinner synthetic 16 and 17 gauge strings being used today. These TTSM String Clamps can be re-machined if required. See my recent update regarding 17 and 18 Gauge Strings slipping in the String Clamps. This can be fixed!

Contact Jim Larsen if you still have string slippage after cleaning and adjusting your TTSM String Clamps.

See: String Clamp Slippage Problems  New 02/10/07and updated 08/07/07

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